VYTOL Cable Covers

Our newest cable cover, manufactured of a recently developed vinyl-coated lightweight polyester fabric, offers exceptional tear strength and flame resistance.

The fabric has both mechanical and chemical adhesion with the coating, therefore eliminating lamination. It is ultraviolet light resistant which provides long life. Acids and other chemicals are also resisted by our special coating.


 Abrasion resistant.

 Ultraviolet light resistant.

 Acid/Chemical resistant.

 Flame resistant.

 Tear resistant.

TIG-10 / Width 3", Length 10' 310V
TIG-20 / Width 3", Length 20' 320V
TIG-23 / Width 3", Length 23' 323V
MIG-10 / Width 4", Length 10' 410V
MIG-15 / Width 4", Length 15' 415V
MIG-20 / Width 4", Length 20' 420V