Cold Galvanizing Compound

The zinc rich spray that stops rust C-O-L-D!


 Rustproofs any metal exposed to corrosion and rust.

 A zinc galvanize coating electro-chemically bonds with all metals to stop rust creepage and corrosion.

 Not a paint, but a 95% pure-zinc compound that sprays on cold to protect the surface from rust.

 Zinc galvanize heals itself even when scratched!

 Equal to hot-dip galvanizing and is an instant cure for damaged hot dip coatings and post welding operations.

 Meets specifications MIL-P-26915A, MILT 26433, MIL-P-21035, MIL-P-46105.

 Zinc spray galvanizing available in 13 oz. aerosol.

Shelf life of 2 years. Store at room temperature, do not exceed 120 degrees fahrenheit.