ZYTOL™ Cable Covers

KCI has developed a new Tig and Mig Cable Cover that is designed to meet both the needs of the welder and to protect expensive torches. The cover is manufactured from "Zytol"™ which is a non-asbestos material with a maximum tem­perature range of 2100°F. In addition to its heat resistant characteristic, it has also been specially treated to resist abrasion, tear and puncture.

Design-wise, we have installed a non-conductive zipper with an overlap flap to protect the zipper from weld splatter.

Our "Enter-Tube"™ features a design innova­tion that allows the cover to be installed without disconnecting the torch from the power source. This is a real time saving feature.

The "Zytol"™ Cable Cover has another nice new feature. Special "Snug-Straps" serve as a cinching mechanism at both ends of the cable cover. These tabs secure the cover to the cable assembly which can then be additionally taped, if desired.

The "Zytol"™ Cable Cover is the last word in cable protection for your Tig, Mig, Plasma and painting applications. It is designed for long life yet is lightweight and comfortable for your operator.

MIG-10, MIG-15 and MIG-20 are designed to be used in Mig and Plasma Applications. Additional fabrics and sizes available upon request.

TIG-10 / Width 3", Length 10' 310V
TIG-20 / Width 3", Length 20' 320V
TIG-23 / Width 3", Length 23' 323V
MIG-10 / Width 4", Length 10' 410V
MIG-15 / Width 4", Length 15' 415V
MIG-20 / Width 4", Length 20' 420V